A couple of these things could power Twin Falls.  The footprint isn't much bigger for each one than a garden shed.  Contrast that with the acreage needed for solar panels and wind farms.  Nuclear also has a very distinct advantage over what is typically called green energy.  Wind turbines don’t spin on calm days.  Clouds and darkness make solar panels a part-time solution.

The new miniature nuclear plants have little to no waste.  The fusion generators coming soon shouldn’t have any.  You can get far more details at this link.

Perhaps the best news for Idaho is that the devices are going to be built here.  As part of the mission at Idaho National Laboratory.  It means more jobs.  These aren’t going to be minimum wage positions.  People with serious technical skills are going to be hired.  They’ll buy homes and shop in Idaho Falls and Arco.

The units aren’t going to be available anytime soon.  That’s a relative term.  We could see them in half-a-dozen years.  They’ll be manufactured on-site.  When finished, put on flatbed trucks and shipped to where needed.

This is truly an energy revolution.  Electricity costs will plummet and then you can expect to see businesses attracted by the low utility costs.  Blackouts and brownouts will be relegated to the history books.  Plentiful energy also means the world will likely become a much more peaceful place.  Wars fought over energy resources could also be relegated to the history books.

Mankind is turning a corner.  The promises of the Atomic Age are finally being fulfilled.

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