If the 1970's TV show 'The Love Boat' would have been filmed in the Magic Valley, it would be Twin Falls Craigslist Missed Connections. Actually, I think some new postings there are better than any episode of 'The Love Boat'. Here are some favorites.

...We hiked up to the top of the trails but the trail was closed ahead and signaled our impeding departure, you decided to hike down and I went up. After a couple minutes I realized we really should've exchanged our info and kept the good convo and connection going, so I hiked down but alas, you were nowhere to be found!

...I'd like to see you again if you know where in the pool we saw each other most, and what you or I was driving.

...I think you had three names for me and even included our hookups in a book you were writing.

We chatted while you were selecting M & M's figurines. You spoke of your time in the South. Hope to chat more....

I saw you late Sunday night in front of me in line buying beer and cheese sticks!
I made a comment about looked like a party!
Your super sexy! I wanna get to know ya!
Hope u see this ...

Today I asked you if the smith machine was occupied and you said no, and that was the extent of our conversation unfortunately.

It's not easy being in love. Let's hope these Twin Falls Missed Connections find love after all...(*feel free to sing along*)...on The Love Boat!

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