The Magic Valley can be a lonely place. That's one reason why we love Twin Falls Craigslist Missed Connections. It helps the lovelorn to not be lovelorn anymore. Or, at the very least, we can laugh at them while they search.

Here are some of our current favorites. We encourage you to read the original postings as proof that we're not making this stuff up. Oh, and if the grammar appears 'challenging', we've left it that way because we can.

You was at the customer service counter and we kept looking at each other I couldn't seem to take my eyes off you while I was waiting to check out if you see this tell me what you we wearing

We're gonna give you a second to think about that one, genius. Any woman in red that CAN'T tell you what she was wearing is not worth your time.

You worked at McDonald's
You hate red cars
I loved your messy hair
I loved your flan
You grew up listening to classic rock
You love sign language

If she loves sign language, we're guessing this is her answer. Sorry about that.

This is a fat chance but 7-26-17 I went into Ridley in buhl and the girl in the deli working at around seven helped me if you see this you are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to chat with u.I asked you if I knew you but you didn't. If u see this message me to weed out anyone that's not you. In the subject put what you helped me with u had to go to cooler to get it you didn't ha e large tubs just small ones. Hopefully u see this or one of your coworkers and tells you about this. you are absolutely gorgeous. And yes I'm sure you looked up after you helped me and caught me staring.hope to hear from u beautiful

No large tubs? Isn't that some type of strange tub shaming?

No matter. We love you, Twin Falls Craigslist Missed Connections. We hope your connection gets connected soon and we mean that in the nicest way possible.

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