On Monday night I was working in my front yard when I heard a rumble in the distance. I didn't think anything of it at first because some cold rain would have been a nice reprieve as I shoveled dirt. Another rumble a few minutes later  got me to turn around and look up. That's when I decided I was done with yard work for the day. When I looked up I saw one of the meanest looking clouds I had seen in a long time - and I lived in Kansas for a few years. This cloud was slowly moving towards us and was shaped like a circle so I immediately thought (and kind of hoped) it could produce a funnel landspout like we had earlier this year. It even looked like the center started to drop as it slowly spun. Then the rain hit and was shortly followed by hail that grew in size from small like a marble to chunks that were larger than a quarter. Matt Stoked shared a picture of some hail that had melted a bit but was still huge.

Matt Stokes Hail Storm Master Catcher

Maybe the most crazy thing about this storm wasn't how crazy it looked but that many people in Twin Falls had no idea it was happening. Since the storm came in from the southwest and slowly moved to the east, a lot of Twin Falls didn't get hit by the storm, or at least not the brunt of it. But, those who live on the south side were treated to the biggest storm we have had in months.