We have been having some interestingly crazy weather lately. Two weeks ago we had the landspout near Twin Falls and this afternoon a funnel cloud form near Boise. I lived in Kansas, tornado alley, for about two years and never saw a tornado. So, in the last two weeks we have had more exciting weather than I ever saw there. I don't count Kansas ice storms as exciting. Those are terrible.

This afternoon, near Boise, there was a funnel cloud sighting. Cammie Patch sent the photo to news outlets and it definitely looks like the start to a tornado. CBS 2 Boise says that the funnel cloud hung around for about 15 minutes but never touched down or caused any damage.

About two weeks ago south of Twin Falls there was a big landspout which formed for a few minutes. Luckily with that one there was a great video from Jason Whited that accompanied the sighting. Landspouts are similar to tornadoes but form differently. The funnel cloud sighted today near Boise could have been the start to a tornado had conditions been better.

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