Wildlife officials in Montana are trying to track down a Grizzly Bear that mauled a woman to death while she slept in her tent. The victim has been identified as a 65-year-old female nurse from Chico, California.

A Northern California woman was killed by a Grizzly Bear Tuesday morning (July 6) at approximately 4 A.M. while sleeping in her tent at a site in Western Montana, according to information shared by KCRA.com. The fatal attack happened in the town of Ovando, which is located approximately 70 miles northwest of Helena and has a population of between 50 and 60.

The victim was taking part in a long distance bicycling event, according to details shared by KCRA. Chico is home to California State University, Chico, and is 86 miles north of Sacramento. Area wildlife officials are searching through the air and on ground for the bear.

Montana has already experienced multiple incidents involving humans and bears this camping season. A park guide was also killed back in April while fishing in southwestern Montana. Last year was one of the worst on record for the region regarding attacks on people by wild bear. There were 17 Grizzly Bear deaths in 2020, according to information provided by billingsgazette.com.

To try to avoid run-ins with bear when camping, wildlife officials recommend avoiding hiking at dusk or dawn. Food needs to be stored in bear boxes, and never in a tent. Bear spray is also a good thing to have on you when staying in areas known to have large bear populations.

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