Yesterday, I enjoyed a FREE concert and I got me an elephant ear.  YUM!  There goes my wedding dress, but so worth it.  Luckily for all those moms out there, the live music, bounce houses, shopping, free admission, fair food, and sunshine continues today from 10A - 6P at the Spring Fair at the Twin Falls County Fair Grounds!

First off, Happy Mother's Day! And for moms who love music, treat her to some great local bands featured today on the Spring Fair's stage:

  • From 2:30M - 4PM, for all those metal moms, check out Obscure Throne.  Horns in one hand and a icee in the other...heaven!
  • Next up is "Repeat It Or Delete It's" own Otto Pilate.  They're up from 4 - 6PM.  This band is always a crowd favorite.
  • Also featured on stage today is the Smith Family, a local favorite and an entire family full of entertainers.

Don't miss out on these very talented musicians representing the Magic Valley.

The Spring Fair also featured shopping!  From shotguns to fishing polls to designer jeans to Egyptian cotton sheets to beautiful carved wood furniture.  Then there's bounce houses for the kid in all of us and don't forget about the bull ride!  Ah yes, fair food!  Treat mom today, she deserves it.

For those of you who missed out on yesterday's musicians, I was pleasantly surprised.  I heard rappers NOT talk about putting women down and NOT cursing.  They rapped about peace and love.  Hey, I love music, period.  But it's nice to hear something the kids playing on the bounce houses can listen too also.

Oh yeah, here's who I heard yesterday:

MIC ILL - Nice guy AND he does Christian rap.  Never even knew that existed till he told me about it.

Joey Bravo - Talented dude!  He even had a cold and he was out there donating his time to the the fans.

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