There are some pretty great local bands in southern Idaho. I've had the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic local musicians at various restaurants and bars, as well as annual events that book live bands.

When it comes to familiar, local live bands in southern Idaho, everybody has their favorite. There are a number of great area venues that regularly book live bands. Some of these spots include KOTO, Dunkens, TF Brickhouse, and Twin Falls City Park.

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As the weather warms up and improves, more and more of the region's most popular and most-booked bands will begin appearing at scheduled events. I went to high school with a guy who has managed to earn a living playing in the same local band for more than 25 years.

There aren't very many people that can support a family touring the state playing in the same garage band for close to three decades, but it is possible if they become popular enough. The ones that do pull it off also play private events like residence parties, weddings, and the occasional large event that books multiple area musicians.

Be sure to watch for your favorite area band in the coming weeks and months at events throughout the Magic Valley. There are numerous websites that list information regarding live music within a short drive from the Magic Valley.

Is there a specific live area band that you spend a few bucks a year on to see and support in southern Idaho? If so, tell us who they are.

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