I have something to admit: I suck at remembering stuff.  I believe my short term memory is shot...not sure why though. :-)

But anyways, this lack of my short term memory tends to be an issue when I go grocery shopping.  Actually, anytime I park in a big parking lot, there's no getting back.  I sometimes kiss my car good bye, because I'm not sure if I'll ever see it again.  I just plain forget where I park all the time.

For example, when I lived in Florida - One time I ran into my grandma searching for her own car in the parking lot.  We both looked at each other and we knew what we were doing but just said hello and kept the search on.  But thanks to a new survey, I'm not alone on this.

According to a new survey from ,Webwire 56% of people say that, at some point, they’ve completely forgotten where they parked their car.  And 3% actually called roadside assistance to come and help them search.

25% of people have locked their keys in the car, and 10% have called roadside assistance for help with that.

10% have filled their car with the wrong kind of gas, usually diesel . . . and 5% have called for help.

3.5% have called when they got lost.

2% have called when their GPS stopped working.

9% of men and 5% of women have called when they ran out of gas.

And finally . . . 21% of people have called roadside assistance to get help changing a tire. It seems that you can call roadside assitance for just about anything. It makes me wonder if they would be willing to seperate two brothers who are fighting over a Leap Pad in the back seat of a vechile.

OH what do I do? I don't tell anyone!  I will literally walk around the entire parking lot until I find the car.  I would buy a new car and drive home with my groceries before I ever told anyone I couldn't find my car.  Then again I just told you.  :-)

What about you?

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