Dogs are incredibly loyal companions. However, if your pooch has been behaving differently and won't leave your side, it could be a sign that something isn't right inside your body.

The fact that dogs can sniff out certain illnesses and have the ability to sense health problems in their human family members isn't new information. It's believed that certain breeds are better than others at trying to alert human beings who have developed a sickness.

These dogs are like having a hairy nurse following you throughout the house.

Dogs can sense pain in humans, can pick up on body language changes, and know when a person's body chemistry has changed for the worse, according to It's believed that a dog's sensitive hearing can also detect changes in a person's heart, such as intense or increased palpitations, according to American Kennell Club information.

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We recently celebrated our first year with our Golden Retriever "Whiskey." This breed is very clingy and tends to have some of the worst separation anxiety, according to I wouldn't change a thing about him.

I will say that I've noticed he does behave differently when someone at home is sick. He slips into a sort of state of depression and follows very closely. These dogs are like having a hairy nurse following you throughout the house.

If your dog is behaving unusually, doing more whining than usual, or showering you with more than usual affection, perhaps it's sensing something wrong. Pay attention to your body if your dog is behaving in this manner in your presence.

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