The old line about the most dangerous time to be in Boise is when the legislature is in session.  A special session opened on Monday, November 15th with two stated objectives.  The House was hearing an ethics complaint against Representative Priscilla Gooding.  It could cost the Colonel a committee assignment.  Giddings is also a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor.  She was recently promoted from Major to Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserve.

The second House item was a consideration of banning any federal vaccine mandates in Idaho.  The Senate was also expected to take up the vaccine issue.

Floodgates Opened

When the session was gaveled in, there were 29 bills introduced in the House and seven in the Senate.  The numbers came in a text from the Idaho Freedom Foundation.  Where were all these bills last spring?

I was laboring under the belief this would be a two-day affair.  A couple of weeks ago I was at the Jerome County Lincoln Day breakfast.  While talking with State Senator Jim Patrick, he warned me.  He shared that it was possible the session would last until just before Thanksgiving!

Will They Consider my Bill?

Jokes aside, I hope one of the bills put into play was something I proposed on-air.  The suggestion is that the state gas tax should be shelved by at least the end of the year.  The loss of revenue could be filled by the surplus (and then some!) the state is said to have.  It would save drivers 33 cents a gallon during the hectic holiday season.  It’s also good politics.  Every legislator and the Governor (he hasn’t officially announced) are up for election next year.  Aside from a handful of retirees and people pursuing other offices.

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