I will admit that I found this by accident. I started out looking for bunkers for sale for my family. (It's a long story) But, instead, I came across multiple websites that claim Twin Falls is the place to be when nuclear war inevitably starts.

The first website I came across was Nuclear War Fallout Shelter Survival. It appears to be an old website since there are multiple references to Fairfield, Idaho not being ready for Y2K. Did you guys survive that? I never heard any updates.

The interesting thing on this site (other than the bright yellow background) is the map of Idaho that shows the most likely places to get nuked. Sucks to be you, Pocatello and Boise. Twin Falls will be untouched.

A more up-to-date site called Survival Blog also mentions several Magic Valley locations that will be prime real estate when the rest of the state is glowing. Congrats. Your real estate values just quadrupled!

Speaking of real estate, there's even a website that specializes in Idaho survival realty. A question from me. If nuclear war begins, will my $2 million dollar cabin payment remain in escrow? Just wondering.

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