The good news is that Boise is probably the only place in Idaho on the Russian list for a target in an all-out nuclear war.  The bad news for those of us outside Treasure Valley is that there are multiple possible targets in neighboring Washington State, Montana, and Utah.

Russia has an estimated stockpile of just under 7,000 nukes.  Slightly more than the 65-hundred Uncle Sam has in his closet. A few hundred million of us would die in the opening hour.  If prevailing winds don’t carry fallout over Twin Falls, most of us will have a few days.  The electrical grid would likely go down instantly and for most, a steady supply of water would be gone in a few days.  Trucks won’t be coming to grocery stores and there will be violence over the remaining goods on the shelves.  Prescriptions will go unfilled, law enforcement and hospitals will be overwhelmed, and marauders will use force to take away anything you have left in the pantry.

If this happens during the harvest, marauders will also scoop up your produce, and they won’t take no for an answer.

People with a good escape plan, secret shelter, and a large store of non-perishable foods will have a better opportunity for long-term survival.  This may amount to no more than a few thousand people in Idaho.  When winter starts, and they start heating with wood, then their location will be given away.  Of course, a lot of the potential marauders will be dead at that point.

Despite the dreadful situation, the average Russian will likely have very little chance of survival.

Our government does have a choice.  We don’t have to war over Ukraine and Taiwan.  While the pressure would be intense to respond to any use of nuclear weapons by rivals or enemies, the aggressors would be isolated by the rest of the world community.  Let’s pray the nitwit in the White House gets good counsel.

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