A new video upload of a man paragliding over our "Niagara of the West," is both awe-inspiring, and just downright hairy, all rolled up into one.

At 212 feet tall, Shoshone Falls is a marvelous landmark that draws thousands of visitors every year to the park. Most of us walk down the stairs to the viewing platform or kayak to within a few hundred yards to catch a glimpse of this fiercely flowing torrent.

An October 15, 2020, upload to YouTube on the channel of Ninth Life Adventures, shows a man identified as Dr. Troy Giles paragliding at what looks to be between 700 to 1,000 feet above the waterfall. What makes this video unique from others we see posted over the Snake River, is not just the flight path directly over Shoshone Falls, but just how small this colossal landmark appears to look from that altitude.

Paragliding is a hobby I have yet to try. I'm more than alright admiring the courage of these people from the river below, and yet a video like this makes me almost envious of those that get to see this area of southern Idaho the way most do not. This is the kind of experience I would only truly begin to enjoy at the moment the wheels make contact back on Earth.

Nonetheless, thanks to Dr. Giles and those responsible for sharing this video. I can't think of a better way to social distance than to do just what this guy did on a recent afternoon over the Snake River.

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