For the fifth time since late June, a bull has been found mutilated just over the Idaho border in eastern Oregon.

Police and Department of Forestry officials in Harney County are working together to solve a series of cattle mutilations that have been plaguing the area since the beginning of summer. Only one county, Malhuer, separates Harney from the eastern border of Idaho, where five bulls have had organs systematically removed by what police are saying has to be a human, or humans.

In the most recent incident reported by National Public Radio , the tongue and genitals of the bull were removed, leaving the remains resembling that of a deflated, sunken carcass suit. These mutilations have been going on for several weeks in, and around, the area of Silvies Valley Ranch.

Cattle mutilations were reported in southern Idaho this year as well. Idaho police investigated multiple incidents of bulls and other livestock being shot to death in June in Caribou County, which is still under investigation. These recent mutilations are being reported as more precise in nature, and have resulted in area landowners being advised to not patrol their property alone.

The mutilations do not appear to have been carried out by any scavenging animals, such as buzzards or coyotes. The lack of any trace of blood loss from the bulls is another reason authorities aren't connecting these incidents with wild animals.

If you have any information on these recent mutilations in Harney County, please contact county police, at 541-573-6156.



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