The Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show kicks off on Valentine's Day this year and it's a great opportunity to get a jump start on all the projects you want to do for your home.

Here are five things I'm looking forward to at this year's Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show brought to you by Century Motorsports and Marine and featuring a special presentation by Kimberly Nurseries.

  • ThinkStock

    Road Work Ahead

    Sick of pot holes in your gravel driveway?

    Do you have a gravel driveway like I do and your sick of filling up holes with dirt from your neighbors yard?  I mean, who would do that?  An asphalt driveway would make life easier.

  • David De Lossy
    David De Lossy

    Century Motorsports & Marine

    I need a boat for summer!

    Spending the summer on the Snake River is the way to do it.  From rafting to just relaxing to fishing, I love it.  This year, I must remember the sunscreen though!

  • 3

    Kimberly Nurseries

    You'll see their display as soon as you walk in.

    Once you walk into the Southern Idaho Home & Garden Show you will be blown away by the beautiful display from Kimberly Nurseries.  Just image that paradise in your own yard!  They are talented and this homebody would love a fire pit, water fall combo in my yard too!

  • Brian Balster
    Brian Balster

    Kinetico of Magic Valley

    Our water sucks, they can help.

    My water at home comes directly from the Snake River, which means we can't drink it unless you'd like dysentery.  We really need to get that fixed, luckily Kinetico of Magic Valley has various ways to help.

  • BradWolfe

    All Around Tree Service

    Dead trees can fall on cars

    We have a bunch of dead trees around our house and it's only a matter of time before the Idaho winds blows them down right on top of my car.  Then again, wouldn't my insurance cover this?  Either way, All Around Tree Service can chop down your trees, remove stumps and even change those annoying trees into precious fire wood for you.

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