Like most of you, I have never been in a pandemic before so expectations and reality have pretty much been all over the place. I thought being stuck at home would mean that I had loads of extra time to binge-watch TV shows and do tasks around the house. Nope. I also thought the quarantine would be more like we see in the movies with empty streets and more of a military police enforcing a curfew and other safety rules. Yet Twin falls has been pretty chill and not scary. Despite not being anything like the movies and not allotting me hours of free time every day I have been able to get a few home improvement projects done. Well, to be honest I have started more projects than I have finished. At least I finished my LED stove backsplash before the virus hit.

LED Lit Backsplash

This year we added in six new trees to our backyard, so hopefully we'll get some shade back there eventually. We painted the exterior of our house, which was a lot of work but definitely a good way to instantly improve the look of your house. I'm in the middle of taking over part of the kids' playroom and adding in a bedroom since they don't really play with toys anymore. Plus the two youngest share a room and always fight so splitting them up will be good for everyone.

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While not every house has need for improvement, a study by SWNS Digital of Americans found that the majority of homeowners have tackled at least one project during the pandemic. The top improvement projects are painting, plumbing, re-caulking, tiling a bathroom or kitchen, and landscaping.

Have you taken on any home improvement projects this year? Maybe this gallery of the most expensive for sale house in Twin Falls will give you some ideas for your own home.

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