I have to admit, when I read National College Colors Day was Friday, I got excited...but then my insides were torn. It's an awesome opportunity and excuse to wear your favorite team's colors to work on Friday.

However, for me, that's a bit tricky. See I bleed orange and black, having gone to college at Wartburg College in Iowa. My dedication to my school is strong. Even more than two years after graduating, I still find myself picking up orange clothing in the stores. It's a BAD habit. Or a great one. Really it depends on if you're fashionable enough to care about how your skin tone matches the color you wear. Me? I could care less.

That's why when I decided to buy my car--again, the orange and black stood out to me. Thus: My car, Victor, named after the mascot of Wartburg, who was a Knight. Corny? Oh for sure. Am I proud? Heck yeah.

But more than that, we all have the teams we grew up on and that's why National College Colors Day is hard. For me, growing up in the Hawkeye State meant one thing: either I was a Cyclone or a Hawkeye fan. There was no in-between. Over the years, my wardrobe has molded to have more gold and black and orange and black than a single person should have. Sometimes, that even meant going to college football games ankle-deep in the snow with my snow pants on to cheer on the team.

Fans fled to Kinnick Stadium even in frigid temperatures with snow up to their ankles.
Fans fled to Kinnick Stadium even in frigid temperatures with snow up to their ankles.

Luckily, by moving to southern Idaho, I managed to get lucky by having a lot of College of Southern Idaho colored-clothing. With Boise State opening in Florida this weekend for game time, I'm challenging Idaho to show me they have half the team spirit we do in the midwest.

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