Friends and I that work and live across the country from each other often joke about how ridiculously expensive it can be to fly in and out of Boise. It's all fun and games until you're planning a trip out of town, though.  Alaska Airlines, one of the airlines with a large footprint in Boise, has announced today through a press release that they will be expanding service and even better? It's a direct flight. No Seattle or Portland layovers.

The announcement comes with an effort to more effectively connect the Pacific Northwest with the West Coast. For Boise, this means direct flights to Los Angeles.

These are currently available out of Boise but Alaska's announcement brings more frequency, adding this flight twice daily.

Boise isn't the only city in the Pacific Northwest that Alaska Airlines is helping out with some expansion, either. In fact, there were seven other flight announcements that came from Alaska in our vicinity. These flights include:

  • Spokane International Airport to Los Angeles twice daily
  • Spokane International Airport to San Francisco twice daily
  • Redmond / Bend, Oregon to Los Angeles
  • Redmond / Bend, Oregon to San Francisco
  • Redmond / Bend, Oregon to San Diego
  • Missoula, Montana to Los Angeles
  • Anchorage to San Francisco

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