envelope and note
Greg Jannetta

A Twin Falls mother of two received a letter in her mailbox on Monday that immediately raised red flags. Upon further investigation, she discovered the bogus correspondence had been included on a national fraud reporting website.

Kathryn has been a Twin Falls resident for over 25 years, and had never received something like this in her mail before. The letter, signed by a "Josh B," came in a yellow envelope, and had Pennsylvania postage on it. It was written in such a manner to imply an arrangement was previously agreed upon by both parties.

The letter promised a credit extension, as well as a VISA card with a $1250 balance. All Kathryn needed to do was call the phone number listed at the bottom of the note, which she chose not to do.


Kathryn later found that the letter had been featured on the website reportthecall.com. Apparently, many others have received the same letter in recent months. It is not recommended that you call the phone number in the letter if you receive, or have received, a letter similar to this.

scam siteedit

"I thought it was very unusual. Who hand writes these types of letters," said Kathryn. "And, who would sign their name Josh B?"

If you have received a letter similar to this one, report it immediately.


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