Today is National Potato Chip Day. As the national leader in potato production, Idaho grows and ships millions of pounds of spuds every year that end up being consumed in the form of America's favorite snack food.

The earliest known chip recipe dates back to early 19th century England, and a man named William Kitchiner. According to Wikipedia, Kitchiner featured his recipe for "Potatoes Fried in Slices Or Shavings," in his 1817 cookbook titled "The Cook's Oracle."

The three main ingredients in the potato chip are of course potatoes, salt and oil. So, since Washington and Idaho account for half of the US total fall potato production, it's undeniable how vital the Gem State is when it comes to the creation of your favorite chip.

While Idaho is largely known for producing Russet Norkotahs, the Gem State also ships more than 60 million pounds of yellow type potatoes annually, according to

In 2017, Lays was the leading potato chip brand in the US, with approximately $1.7 billion is sales, according to statista. Idaho leads the country in total potato production (in 1,000 cwt) with more than 139 million annually.

Happy National Potato Chip Day Idaho!

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