A writer for a national lifestyle website has offered up a reason why Costco pizza is so darn good.

If you've ever tried Costco pizza, then you've probably been surprised at how good it is. My favorite is the store's basic cheese pizza. It really does taste unlike any other cheese pizza I've ever had, and quite frankly, I prefer it over most others.

Morgan Cutolo writes for MSN Lifestyle. In a March 28 story published on the website, Morgan credits the store's robotic, pizza-prepping machine for its precise efficiency. The evenly distributed sauce and ingredients, coupled with a "perfectly browned cheese and crispy crush," is the key behind the pizza's popularity.

I would have to agree with Morgan. If I had to sum up my reason for liking the pizza so much, it would be the slightly crispier crust that has yet to let me down. The fact a slice is only $1.99 is a great bonus as well. It's a good thing I don't work for Costco, because I'd be spending every break in the store's food court eating cheese pizza.


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