Our YouTube friend, Arnel, is a funny guy. He had us going for a little bit with a new video where he proclaims that the long lost NazzKart was back in Twin Falls. Actually, not so much.

You do remember the indoor racing awesomeness that was NazzKart when it was in Twin Falls a few years ago. Here is a video from that era they shared on their Facebook page.

That was back in January of 2013. Unfortunately, NazzKart commented on their Facebook page that they closed Twin Falls couldn't provide enough business to support them.

Arnel is right about one thing. Nazzkart is back kinda. They are now Fast Lane Boise in (you guessed it) Boise. The problem is that Arnel doesn't let you in on that little secret until near the end of his video.

We're gonna cut him some slack this time since he's done so many entertaining videos. But, don't go teasing us with Twin Falls go-kart goodness unless it's really happening.

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