Twin Falls is great as it is. But, it could be so much better. I have no delusions that the city will ever make my ideas a reality. But, hey, a guy can dream, right? Here are 5 things I think would make downtown Twin Falls more amazing.

5. Go Kart Track

You may laugh at this thought, but how great would it be to have a go kart track nearby when you're waiting your turn at the DMV? As the receptionist tells you that you're number 37 in line for your new plates, you tell her that you're going outside to practice your driving skills.

4. Potato Cannon Gun Range

This one makes all kinds of sense. What does Idaho love? Potatoes and guns. Put the two together and you have a potato cannon gun range. This is something the entire family would love.

3. Rock Climbing Wall

Yes, on the weekends, you don't have to travel far to climb rocks. But, imagine being able to do this on your lunch break in downtown Twin!

2. Giant Trampoline Park

What better way to prepare for your next base jump off the Perrine than a fun lunch hour in downtown Twin Falls at a giant trampoline park? The possibilities are endless.

1. Super Water Slide

Why hasn't this already happened? For all the thrill seekers in Twin Falls, a giant water slide just makes sense. C'mon Twin Falls city council, make this happen!

What crazy idea would you add to the list to make downtown Twin more awesome?

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