Metal detecting is a hobby enjoyed by many throughout the world. The few times I've gotten the opportunity to do it, I can't say I've found anything of value, but the hunt itself might be more exciting than making an actual discovery.

I purchased a metal detector in 2020 and have taken it out a couple of times in the Twin Falls area with my young son. I got the idea to make the purchase because my father used to own one. I remember following him around as a young boy on his quests for buried junk.

Occasionally, we hear stories about an enthusiast stumbling across a significant artifact from a bygone era. There are lost valuables everywhere, and it just takes some luck to wander upon that right spot. A man and woman metal detecting in southern Idaho are featured in a YouTube video posted January 1, 2022, and what they found is a real piece of Twin Falls history.

Transit tokens were used in Idaho and throughout the country by people needing transportation primarily in the 1940s. They are quite sought after by collectors, and some fetch a pretty penny online. Some locals dug a Twin Falls token up this past spring and shared the footage of their find over the weekend.

According to the video, approximately 13,000 of these tokens were made in Twin Falls between 1941 and 1947. These tokens got a passenger one-way fare on a Twin Falls bus. It was a very cool find, and would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

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