We all worry about what our kids see and read online, but I was shocked to learn that books for older kids may contain profanity.

Recently, Jared and Kirsten Maughan, from Twin Falls, did something about this problem. They discovered profanity in reading material when their daughter, a fourth-grade at the time, was at a seventh-grade reading level. It became difficult to find seventh-grade reading materiel with clean language.

The couple quickly realized that they would rather not have to come across swear words, nor should their daughter have to read over swear words. So, two years ago they decided to create and app that would solve their problem.

According to magicvalley.com the Maughans partnered with Chicago-based Page Foundry, which offered what is known as a “white label” app. It is an app for e-readers that Page Foundry customizes for its clients. After meeting with them, the Maughans developed “Clean Reader,”. It's a free app that will hide all the swear words in any reading material.

Clean Reader also allows readers to select among three settings to determine how clean they want their books and, to preserve the context, alternative words with the same general meaning are available for each instance a word is blocked from display.

The app has been downloaded more than 350 times and has only been out for one month. If you are having trouble finding appropriate materiel for your kids, download "Clean Reader".


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