Wow. Just wow. My family and I went down to Shoshone Falls last weekend to see the increased water flows everyone has been talking about. It was impressive, but apparently not anywhere close to the mammoth amounts of water coming over the falls that have just been captured a few days later.

According to the City of Twin Falls website, the water flow has gone up from last weekend's healthy flows to a gargantuan 8,740 cubic-feet per second as of March 8.

Someone from Southern Idaho Tourism made the wise decision of sending a drone to grab video of how Shoshone Falls looks now. Jaw-dropping doesn't begin to describe it. If you've ever wondered what 8,000 cubic-feet per second of water looks like going over our falls, wonder no more.

If you get a chance to go down to Shoshone Falls, do it. There's no better time than now to see what you may never see again.

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