A new photo contest has been announced by Southern Idaho Tourism that gives participants an opportunity to win $800, and a chance to have a picture featured on the cover of a local publication.

Contest details can be found on the Southern Idaho Tourism website. It's being called, "The Hidden Gems Photo Contest," and those who wish to enter photographs have until September 1, 2019. The pictures will be judged by the Magic Valley Arts Council and the Magic Valley Photography Association.

Basically, contest organizers are looking for unique photographs of some of the Magic Valley's most picturesque spots. Photos that offer a view of some of the area's "hidden gems," that are one-of-a-kind.

The first place photo will net the taker $800, with $500 being paid for the second place submission, and $150 for third place. As a bonus for having your photo chosen for first place, it will be featured in both the Idaho Outdoor Magazine (on the cover) and the Twin Falls Stay & Play Guide.

To submit pictures, click here. Good luck!


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