It's big news that Idaho Falls Zoo has a new African lion cub. But, he also has a special friend.

The Idaho Falls city website shared some details about the cub and his new companion. According to the city, he was born on February 17, but had to be taken away from his lion mom due to medical issues.

They needed companionship for the cub until he could return to his lion family. That's where Justice comes in. Who is Justice? The Idaho Falls website explains.

Justice is a not a lion, but a domestic dog. To be exact, she is a Great Pyrenees with wonderful mothering instincts.

Idaho Falls Zoo via YouTube
Idaho Falls Zoo via YouTube

If you would like to see the new lion cub for yourself, there is a limited window each day when you can do that at the Idaho Falls Zoo. The goal is to have him out between 10 am and 3 pm daily, but that could change. The best plan would be to keep an eye on the Idaho Falls Zoo Facebook page for the latest updates on this new addition to their animal kingdom.

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