It seems like springtime is a big deal for animals in nature, at least that is what I learned from Bambi. Even in the real-life non-animated news, you hear about animals born in the spring but rarely about summer or fall animals so I assumed that wasn't a thing. Until now that is. Summer and fall can be just as exciting in the animal kingdom as springtime. Proof can be seen right now as there are loads of baby animals at the Idaho Falls Zoo. A few weeks ago we fell in love with the new baby Red Panda and now the baby critters are all over the zoo.

First up are the baby flamingos which look so fluffy! They also look really weird when you think about what they look like as adults. They look more like bird versions of a polar bear and have a long way to go to grow into their legs.

The baby fanged deer is up and about at the zoo too in the Little Asia area near the entrance. The fanged deer is Reeve's Muntjac and you can't really tell in the picture above but they do have long sharp fangs that look like tusks.

There is even a baby zebra named Ayana who gets to play at the zoo with her mother and sister. You can see all the cute creatures at the Idaho Falls Zoo plus the zoo has a live feed camera that lets you watch the penguins any time you want.

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