The Visit Idaho people have been spending some quality time in Twin Falls lately. Want to know how I know? They have 2 new videos featuring our area. The "neat factor" is off the charts thanks to the fact that these are 360 degree videos where you can control the camera.

The first one entitled "Adrenaline Rush" starts with a trip down a northern Idaho stream, but ends with BASE jumpers going off the Perrine. I had my hopes up that they had a camera on one of the jumpers, but nope. We'll have to settle for one mounted near the bottom of the top (makes sense, right?) of the Perrine.

The 2nd one is ALL us with BASE jumping like the first one, but my favorite part is the viewpoint from a kayak in the Snake River. You even get a rough idea what it's like to approach Shoshone Falls by water. Some zip line fun is even included.

If the Visit Idaho people are taking requests, I'd love a 360 video from the back of the pigeon that keeps dive bombing my windshield near the park. I'd love to be able to track that bird down and end his reign of terror.

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