A new service announced by Walmart is giving people who don't mind paying what amounts to roughly $12 per month the opportunity to enjoy rewards such as unlimited free delivery, discounts on gasoline and express checkout. 

In an effort to rival shipping giant Amazon, Walmart announced this week on its corporate news website that the retail chain is now offering what is being called Walmart Plus service. The new service is being touted as a way to assist families by offering a faster shopping experience, along with combining online and in-store savings offers. The cost to sign up for Walmart Plus is $98 a year, or $12.95 a month, and people who sign up will get the first two weeks free.

Within the Walmart Plus membership is close to 5,000 stores offering just about everything a person could possibly need. Aside from fuel discounts offered at approximately 2,000 fill-up stations across the United States, those who take part in the new service will also receive complimentary city delivery of goods ordered, as well as the added perk of the store's scan-and-go feature in the Walmart app. This cuts in-store shopping time substantially.

News of this new feature was announced September 1. 2020. Amazon Prime has been a dominating force in online sales in recent years, with a reported 112 million members in the U.S. as of December, 2019. With more than 260 million people visiting Walmart each week worldwide, this new service could eventually create a rather nice niche among leading companies for Walmart in the online sales market.

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