I am willing to bet this guy hates the new Rebecca Black song “Friday”!  If you’ve ever wondered just how LITTLE attention the government is paying to its employees, here’s your answer.  64-year-old Howard Dean was the director of the New York Department of Corrections Food Production Center.  He didn’t like working Fridays.  So he illegally stopped showing up to work on Fridays. (Lets revisit the “Friday” video just for fun)

–How long did it take the state to notice?  SEVENTEEN YEARS.

–He took off every single Friday from 1993 until he was busted.  All told, that was worth about $230,000 of the taxpayers’ money.  Plus, since he was accruing vacation time as if he was working five days a week, that’s another $18,000.

–Dean also reported $205,000 in travel reimbursements for trips he never took . . . $32,000 in expenses for a vehicle he never drove . . . $7,300 for expenses he never spent . . . and $1,800 meals he never ate.

–Dean was making an annual salary of $112,743 for running the state’s prison food system.

–The state finally caught him during an audit.  Not sure why they only audit their upper management once every two decades or so, but never underestimate just how slow things happen in government bureaucracy.

–Dean took a plea and will do six months in jail, then five years of probation.  He also has to start paying back all of the money he stole.

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