Just because something is shared on the Internet does not make it true. Maybe you've had friends share a story about a Boise man who did very weird things with a fidget spinner and ended up in the hospital. But, is it real? Not so much.

This story has been shared by numerous websites. I first saw it on the Focus Times. The story claims that a Boise man had to make an emergency trip to the ER after he did something highly questionable with a fidget spinner.

If you're new to the fidget spinner craze, it's a stress-relieving toy that kids can't seem to get enough of.

Note: if you put a spinning toy in sensitive places, it will hurt you in an embarrassing way.

But, is it true? After doing some fact-checking, I would have to say no. Snopes agrees. One big problem that was a red flag from the start is that there are separate versions of the story. One says Boise, while the other says Louisville, Kentucky.

I hate to rain on everyone's fidget spinner injury party, but this one is a hoax.

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