No one wants to visit the emergency room. Just getting checked in and waiting your turn to get called back is stressful enough, and when the doctor does finally get around to addressing your discomfort, I think most of us would like to receive a little bit of compassion.

I've had my share of ER visits. I've been dealing with stomach issues and cases of spiking blood pressure for years. I'm currently working with my doctor to improve my condition and get off of blood pressure meds for good. I'm hoping to achieve this through lifestyle changes and exercise in the next year.

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I recently went to the ER because my blood pressure drastically spiked just a few weeks ago. My doctor thinks the stress of moving and family issues caused it, and it scared the hell out of me. Thankfully, my doctor was very informative and did a great job of calming my nerves. I'm currently taking a new medication and doing better.

I have had doctors in southern Idaho in the past that I've specifically asked to be reassigned from. I had one in Twin Falls for years that acted as if I was a bother and a hypochondriac. I switched physicians and found one that I trusted and had a much better bedside manner.

I read an interesting text chain on a Magic Valley rants/raves page on Facebook recently. Several area residents and patients of the same medical facility were airing grievances over a doctor that they claimed was very rude and showed little to no compassion.

Obviously, not being present in the room to witness this "mean doctor" means I can't form an opinion, or comment on the matter at all. It is a bit troubling that so many people seem to be describing the same individual. Hopefully, if this is happening to patients in the ER, it gets dealt with through additional training.

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