Greg Jannetta

For the first time since the Coronavirus resulted in Idahoans having to follow the state-mandated, stay-at-home order, we decided on pizza delivery the other night. It was also the first time I was introduced to "no-contact" food delivery.

Apparently, there is a "no-contact" option for food delivery now. Meaning, as long as you pay for (and tip if you choose) your food order online, there won't be a reason you should hear a knock on your door, unless the driver is doing it as a way to inform you your food is waiting on your porch. I have to admit, not having to sign anything--or even put pants on when our order arrives--is kind of a nice luxury.

I want readers of this to know that I am not truly implying anything good has resulted from this Coronavirus situation we are all facing. The lives lost, the businesses that have been forced to close and the large number of people who are now filing for unemployment, is very disheartening. That being said, we still can't lose our sense of humor.

No-contact delivery means the end of awkward conversations, and the forced usage of a dried-out, gnawed-on pen. The food is simply left at your door. Why haven't we been doing this for years?

Another positive spin on our current situation has been the increased usage of Facetime. Video communications have been allowing us to have no-contact visits with our in-laws for the better part of eleven weeks. I may never go back.

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