Nobody burned down any pregnancy clinics.  No churches were set ablaze.  No clergy were doused with blood.  This is Idaho, after all.  I don’t know if you can call this a large demonstration, but will point out social media makes it easier to put together a gathering in 48 hours.  When I say I’m not sure about the size, it’s because we know there aren’t many liberals in the Magic Valley, however.  On this issue, I could see where a majority of the coven would come out.

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When I was a young reporter, I would be sent to cover demonstrations on any number of topics.  There was a core that appeared to make a living carrying protest signs.

For those who complain about the drive to Ontario, Oregon to feed Baal, cheer up.  You can get two of your sacraments when in town.  Just don’t smoke it all in one place.

There was a Sunday newspaper headline, and it said 1,000 women in comfortable shoes demonstrated at the state capitol.  There was nobody home.  First, it was the weekend.  Second, legislators went home to tend to their large families several months ago.  I’ve been to impromptu gun rallies in Boise.  The crowds were larger, and I saw a lot of legislators in attendance.  The left demands a large majority bend to the will of a tiny minority.  Want, want, want is what you hear from a three-year-old.  If he was allowed to live.

Last week, liberals argued gun laws should be state-by-state.  They don’t share the same concern when it comes to the taking of defenseless life.  And as a friend said, his right to carry is firmly enumerated in the constitution.  The other issue is an invention.

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