It's not breaking news or any big revelation that we see a lot of moose in the South Hills. This video is a reminder when those inevitable encounters happen, don't think for a second that the moose loves you and wants to hang out.

This happened in Alaska a few years ago, but the video was just recently shared this year. An Alaska guy was heading out for a walk when this big lady met him in the driveway. Here's his description of the encounter:

An unprecedented opportunity presented itself: with camera in hand (intended for a different purpose), this face-to-face meeting -- between the moose and me -- literally over the top of my car -- could be recorded. In the process, recording my first-ever petting of a moose's nose and her less than joyous reaction; the snorting of a moose; a moose' tongue; a moose car wash -- moose enjoy licking vehicles; how casual and slowly a moose walks; how unpredictable a moose is; how decisive and fast a moose is when it's not wanting your company (nor its photo taken) and charges to attack as a result.

Understatement of the year. It takes like a millisecond for a moose to want to dispose of you and you're goners if you're that close. He's fortunate that his vehicle was close enough to jump behind.

As usual, all sorts of great moose info is available on the Idaho Fish and Game website.

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