Not to my knowledge, anyhow!  After all, the water is free.  I filled a trunk full of jugs with spring water.  A couple of days ago.  I was going to be in the area of Clear Lakes Road and decided to top off.  I also slaked my thirst while still at the Fred Nihart memorial grotto.  Which is why I had to stop at Ridley’s a few minutes later and use the men’s room. 

And the kids would cup their hands and drink from the clear spring.

Steve Millington tells me he sometimes simply cups his hands and drinks from the spring.  It makes him think of his late parents.  The fountain is along what used to be the main road to Boise.  Before the arrival of the Interstate, this was the old Route 30.  On long trips during the 1950s, the family would stop for water.  And the kids would cup their hands and drink from the clear spring.

These features of Idaho are very unique and a gift from nature.  It was 600,000 years ago when the Bonneville Flood created the canyons and scoured the rocks along the walls.  The underground springs were exposed.  There are some 33 waterfalls all in a one half hour drive from Twin Falls.  These are also from the same flood and responsible for the beauty you see when looking at the falls at Ritter Island.  It’s why we have Thousand Springs and a readily available supply of hydropower.

I’ll share one more thing.  It’s the best water I’ve ever tasted.  I was never a big water drinker and now I can drink a few quarts a day.

As for Fred Nihart, he’s also memorialized at West End Cemetery.  You can find details here.


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