For those out there that have developed a recent fever or cough and are concerned, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now has an official Coronavirus symptom checker to help you decide if you should seek medical help.

If you have recently come down with the early symptoms of the Coronavirus--these include difficulty breathing, a lingering cough and low-grade fever--the CDC has released its COVID-19 symptom checker. Those who are concerned can now chat with a center health professional in real time on the website by clicking the self-checker box, and share your concerns.  You'll receive immediate advise on whether or not to visit a health professional, or have testing done.

To date, there are more than 265,000 confirmed cases in the U.S., resulting in nearly 7,000 deaths. On a positive note, 12,000 people have recovered from the virus. Worldwide, the number of confirmed cases stands at over one million and counting, and has caused nearly 56,000 deaths.

Twin Falls County recently was reported as having community spread cases of COVID-19, which means more cases are expected in the coming days as people have contracted the illness without traveling outside the state.

Schools remain closed following the state order three weeks ago. Businesses deemed "essential," for instance hospitals, health clinics, postal services, grocery and home improvement stores, are operating with modified hours. Many have instituted senior hours as well, as a way to safeguard those older, more at risk, members of the population.

For more information on tips to try to avoid contracting the Coronavirus, click here.

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