I didn't love National Geographic. I just liked them a lot. But, if you enjoy camping and/or hiking in Idaho, you now have a reason to truly love them. They have hiking maps you can have for the price of nothing.

I first saw this on the website PetaPixel. So, thanks to them also for the find. They learned that National Geographic will let you create your own topographical map for free.

It's really a very simple process. You pick the area you want to hike. Zoom in, then you can print out the map. I love simple things. It helps if you type in the name of the area you want first, then it will automatically zoom to what you're looking for. I did one for Twin Falls that you can check out.

The one catch is that it doesn't look like every area is available. But, it's worth a shot if you're wanting a hard copy map to take with you on an adventure.

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