There are many things I've dreamed of owning some day. One of the things that has never been on my list is a hot spring. It's not because I don't want one. I just never figured the opportunity would present itself. But, now, there is a hot spring that comes with a property in Rogerson, Idaho.

The physical address on Zillow is 001 Magic Hot Springs, Rogerson, Idaho. It's a massive 5,000 square foot property that covers 160 acres. This is listed as an ideal "off-the-grid" property. One prime reason for this is the nearby stream which provides 114 cubic square foot per second of water. Wow.

There's also a rather large shop that is included in this listing. You could practically train your own small army here. So, if you have a burgeoning militia, you need to check out this property.

Additional amenities include a hot tub/spa and pool. Oh, and the canyon view nearby doesn't hurt either.

The listing agent is Bryan Newsberry. So, if you're looking to house a big family and/or a small army, give him a call and go take a look.