If I made this stuff up, no one would believe me. But, it's true. There is a free puppet stage on Twin Falls Craigslist.

I know this will go fast, so I took a snapshot to prove that this is real. Here you go.

Twin Falls Craigslist
Twin Falls Craigslist

In case you can't read the fine print, the only caveat to claiming this outstanding theatrical set piece is that you have to disassemble and transport yourself.

Imagine the possibilities. You could do the following with this stage:

  • Pretend to steal the UPS package from the porch of your pretend neighbors
  • Not put a coin in the parking meter, but park there anyway, just like downtown Twin Falls
  • Jump the pretend picket fence on your skateboard with 3 wheels

I could go on and on, but mercifully won't. Be sure to check out the full listing and contact this person and grab this stage before it's gone. You know you want to.

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