Idaho all-terrain-vehicle owners have probably spent the better part of the summer blazing through trails surrounded by beautiful backcountry with friends and family. For Magic Valley enthusiasts, there are miles and miles of trails to tear up two-and-a-half hours north of Twin Falls that also offer quite the history lesson in 1800s Gem State mining, and access to the site is open to the public.

The Mackay Mine Hill Tour is a self-guided, ATV ride that takes off-roaders over more than 25 miles of trails past numerous nineteenth-century abandoned mining sites. Mackay, which is 135 miles north of Twin Falls, was the site of a copper boom in the late-1800s, and several of the structures built back then are still upright and have been preserved for more than 130 years.

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In order to pull off the full ride, an estimated six hours is needed, and don't forget to pack lunch and some water. There are several great spots to pull off and snack, as well as capture some incredible photographs of these old mining relics.

Riders are not allowed to enter the mining structures at all. The age of the site makes doing so incredibly dangerous. Entering the old mine tunnels is also dangerous, and prohibited by state law. The Bureau of Land Management oversees this site and can prosecute anyone who breaks the law.

There are a couple of different routes riders can take based on time and difficulty. To view these trail maps, click here.

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