A seasonal horseback riding experience unlike any other awaits those who can travel 160 miles northeast of Twin Falls. The ranch provides horse drives, food, bonfires, ATV trail rides, and other lifestyle amenities for those who reserve a spot.

Located about a two-hour drive outside the Magic Valley is the Silver Spur Ranch in Idaho Falls. They've been offering horse drives for a number of years through the beautiful backcountry of southeastern Idaho. If you are looking to disconnect from society for a few days and live like a cowboy, this might be an ideal trip for you.

If you've ever seen the movie City Slickers, it's the first thing that came to my mind when I stumbled across the ranch's website. The film stars Billy Crystal, and is about a group of "city folk" who travel to a ranch to partake in an old west-style cattle drive. The Silver Spur Ranch website describes the experience as "the only authentic western horse drive in the world."

I recently watched a YouTube upload from a drive that took place this past May, and it looks like an amazing experience. There are different ride packages people can pay for, and deposits are needed to guarantee a spot.

Reservations can also be made through companies like Equus Journeys, who handles all the arrangements. All you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to cowboy (or cowgirl) up. For more details on Silver Spur Ranch, click here.

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