Last Friday, a team of seven IT workers from the New York state Homes and Community Renewal Agency in Albany, New York bought their weekly Mega Millions lottery tickets . . . AND WON.

They overcame one-in-176 million odds to win a $319 MILLION Mega Millions jackpot.

And obviously, that’s great news.  Except for one guy from their office.

According to the reports, this guy throws in on the lottery pool every week.  But last week, he decided to save a few bucks by sitting out.

Jill Cook owns Cook’s Deli in Albany where the IT workers always eat lunch.  She says, quote, “The word is that when they were going around the office, [this guy] said no, he wasn’t feeling lucky.

“They asked him twice.  They said, ‘Are you sure?’  And he said yeah, he was going to pass this time.  I feel horrible for him.”

His co-workers took the lump sum option.  Divided evenly, they’re all going to wind up with $16 MILLION after taxes.  If this other guy had jumped in, the pie would’ve been divided eight ways, and they all would’ve taken home about $14 MILLION.

According to the Homes and Community Renewal Agency, none of them showed up for work on Monday . . . but they haven’t formally quit their jobs yet.

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