It's always nice to make a good list. That's the case with this one as one of the Magic Valley's byways was named among the best in Idaho. I've also added one they missed.

Only In Your State decided to rank the backroads of Idaho. Nestled among the top 10 is none other than the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. That's more or less this.

Google Maps

I don't want to be a glass-half-empty kind of person, but I'd suggest another one that should have made their list. That's the route to and from the City of Rocks.

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My recommendation is to come out the east side of City of Rocks and come back toward Twin through Burley, but that's just me.

There isn't a bad road in the Only In Your State list. I just wished they had looked at some of the less obvious routes since this is a "backroads" list and all.