Oh, say it isn’t so! Buster’s is for sale.  On a scale of 0ne to ten, it’s a 12 for service and great, great food.  Several years ago, friends from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho State police told me about the place.  They highly recommended I stop for lunch, breakfast, or any time of day.  They patrol Route 93 north of the Nevada state line and it’s a popular stop for law enforcement and travelers.  On Sunday mornings after church, the Hollister restaurant is packed.

The Menu is Mouth Watering

I could be eating with friends and enjoying my meal but was also always jealous when I often saw what was on their plates. The variety on the menu is amazing (I’m going to recommend the burgers, the meatloaf, the pizza, and the wings).

A few months ago I drove to Buster’s on a Monday morning and the place was closed for the day.  It’s the labor shortage.  Businesses across the valley are having the same experience.  For Buster’s, it’s a double whammy.  The cafe is home to a phenomenal catering business and catering is labor-intensive.

Business Challenged by Larger Events

Much of this got started during the so-called pandemic.  Businesses were often closed for weeks to months on end.  The big chains did well with drive-through service.  What worries me is how bland our choices would be if only the fast-food empires survived the next few years.  The tastes at Buster’s are unique.  It’s why the place needs someone who appreciates the variety to step in and buy the place.  Losing Buster’s would be a loss for the community and for culture.

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