One of the world's largest volcanic caves is located in Shoshone, Idaho and you can take a tour. The Mammoth Cave and more are opening for the season this weekend.

Mammoth Cave And Shoshone Bird Museum

The Mammoth Cave and Shoshone Bird Museum officially open this Saturday, April 2nd, Friday through Sunday until summer. Tours go from 9 am to 6 pm. You can take tours of the massive volcanic cave, learn all about the history behind it, and see some interesting fossils and more.

What Else Does The Tour Of The Cave Come With

When you go in, you get to tour the caves as well as check out some historical pieces. That includes fossils, animals, and other archaeological finds. The tour can take hours. Learn all about the past!

The Shoshone Bird Museum

This is part of the attraction of going to the Mammoth Cave. There are a ton of taxidermy exhibits and that is where many of the artifacts are located. These collections have been accrued over generations and have some strange natural pieces. Things you will only see here.

How To Get To The Mammoth Cave and Shoshone Bird Museum And Cost

It is located off Hwy 75 eight miles north of Shoshone. You can walk the trail and you don't have to worry about light. There are lanterns so you can see all the massive beauty. The cost is $12 dollars for adults, 12 years and under are $6 dollars and anyone under 5 is free.

During the summer hour tours will be available more days

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