Have you heard the legend that at the Jarbidge Canyon a giant that likes to eat people lives there? Legend has it, that the Shoshone Indians were afraid to go near the canyon because they believe a giant would eat you if you went near it.

Jarbidge is about 40 minutes from Twin Falls as you head toward the Nevada border. The Jabidge Canyon has, what is called, hoodoos. Hoodoos are tall sedimentary rocks that have developed over millions of years from erosion. They are pretty interesting looking and definitely worth going and seeing.

The Jarbidge Canyon was said to house, not only these hoodoos but a giant that likes to eat people. According to legend, the monster's name was Tsawhawbitts. I have no idea how to pronounce it. But it derives from the Shoshone language. That ultimately, is how the town got the name Jarbidge. It went from that to "Jahabich" and now to Jarbidge.

The Shoshone Indians believed that the monster in the canyon would steal their warriors and eat them. So he is not only a giant but a cannibal. Yum. The ending for the giant isn't super clear. Some stories say that the Shoshone Indians were able to chase him into a cave and seal it off, forever, never to be seen again. The second ending isn't nearly as cool. Some think they just got sick and tired of dealing with the giant they all decided to move away.

That being said, even though the first rendition sounds cooler, the fact that very few people live there today could indicate that the tribe just decided to leave. Either way, it is a really cool canyon you can go check out full of very interesting formations and history. The giant isn't there anymore, so you're safe, probably.

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